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Artikel 3

Notice that the entire sidebar is an unordered list and the titles are in <h2> tags. Not every theme is built this way and it’s not necessary to do so, but it’s currently the most common sidebar markup in the themes we surveyed so we adopted it. The element with id=”links” is the equivalent of one basic widget.

Yes, we’ve seen markup like this. It’s the second most common sidebar design pattern, which is why we chose it for the example. The first difference is that the sidebar is not built inside a <ul> tag. That means we should not be wrapping any of our widgets in <li> tags. The second difference is that our titles are wrapped in <div class=”title”> instead of <h2> tags.

We prefer to change the markup to our ul/li/h2 standard, but the API is powerful enough that we don’t have to. Instead, we fix these issues by adding some parameters to the code in functions.php:

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